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  • In February, 1995, a group of Khmer professionals who had studied abroad came together to consider the matter at hand. They formed the Ligue des etudiants Khmers de l'etranger: "LIDEE Khmer."

    Among LIDEE Khmer's members are political scientists, journalists, engineers, doctors, economists, computer scientists and specialists in telecommunications, agriculture, architecture and a variety of fields. They work in government ministries and agencies, and in the private sector.

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  • In the Kingdom of Cambodia, it is often said that there exists a problem of limited human resources for rehabilitation and development. But the problem is not a lack of human resources.
    There are thousands of Khmer in the country who have completed advanced training in Cambodia or abroad. In addition, the Cambodian
    Diaspora represents a very significant potential resource whose members might return if they thought their skills could be properly utilized.

    The real problem in Cambodia is ineffective management of the existing human resources. There is a lack of contact, a crisis of confidence, and insufficient coordination, collaboration and information exchange.

    Therefore, the main goal of LIDEE Khmer is to mobilize and focus these diffuse resources, maximize efficiency and move toward a professional and sustainable Cambodian research capability.

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